Bio - Kayla Massey

About Me

Kayla Massey is a Milwaukee based photographer, using both analog and digital techniques, to explore subject matters in her art varying from the personal, the taboo, and the political. A Wisconsin native, born and raised, Massey grew up in several small towns before moving to Milwaukee where she has lived, and grown to love, for almost a decade. Massey received her BFA from The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and after a short period studying journalism decided to reenroll in art to get a MFA at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM). Massey has used photography to explore personal illness, with a cancer diagnosis at 21 years old, which lead to further interest in exploring the unspoken nature of death in the United States. As she continued through the program at UWM her interests in woman and gender studies became more central to her art making, and is the dominate voice in her current and planned future projects.

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